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5 Things to Do While Your House is on the Market

1. Keep your house looking picture perfect

house picture perfectAfter all that preparation, your house is looking picture perfect.  Now keep it looking that way while your house is on the market,

This is hard if you are still living in the house.  When we were selling our house we still living there.  Every morning, after the kids are gone, I spent the next fifteen minutes doing a whirlwind of clean up and tidy up. Continue reading

2013 Review of Major Financial Decisions and Progress

financial progress reviewWe are nine months into 2013, I thought this would be a good time review the major financial decisions and progress for 2013.   2013 thus far has been very very busy year and I’m pleased to see not only how much we were able to accomplish but also how well we were able to accomplish them.  At the same time, putting this post together has reminded me how much more I still need to do.  I have broken these financial decisions into four major categories:  House, Major Purchase, Investment and Financial Protection.   Continue reading

How to Negotiate a Lower Realtor Fee When Selling Your House?

negotiate real estate commissionWhen putting up your house for sale, the standard realtor fee or commission is 3% of the house price for the seller’s realtor (listing agent), and 3% for the buyer’s realtor (buyer agent).  The seller would pay about 6% commission in total for both the listing agent and buyer agent fees.   In this post, I will discuss how to lower the realtor fee to the listing agent. Continue reading

8 Simple Steps to Get Your House Ready for Fast Sale (Part II)

Continue from 8 Simple Steps to Get Your House Ready for Sale (Part I).

4. Get temporary storage

Pods moving storageWith all the boxes and extra furniture, where do you store them?  We soon outgrew our garage and our new place was being remodeled, so we needed some temporary storage for a couple of months.   I did some research to see what kind of storage options we had, and settled on PODs.  You probably have seen them around, it’s the white container looking thing sitting on people’s driveway. Continue reading

8 Simple Steps to Get Your House Ready for Fast Sale (Part I)

home for saleLast year, I put my house for sale on the market and was able to sell it quickly and for more money than I had expected.  It’s the seventh property I have sold, and over the years, I’ve learned some simple and easy things you can do to get your house ready for sale.  A little effort to prepare your home for sale upfront will get it sold quicker and for more money.  I’m not talking about any extensive remodeling, that’s a topic for a different post, I’m talking about smaller projects that can be done in a week or two.
Continue reading

10 Tips on Finding a Great Realtor to Sell Your Home

selling_a_houseWith thousands of real estate agents running around, how do you find the right realtor to sell your house ?  What should you look for?  Here are 10 tips on finding a great realtor to sell a home.  Find a great listing agent will not only make the selling process smoother, sell your house faster, but also get your top dollars for your house. Continue reading