Kids are expensive (extra-curricular activities costs)

kids are expensive

kids are expensive

It’s the end of the year, I’m doing a year-end summary of our household finances.   One category that stood out is extra-curricular activities for kids.  We have two kids (9 and 5), both are in public school, so we are not paying private tuition.  As both my husband and I work, they also attend after school daily.  Similar to other kids their age, they are enrolled in a few extra-curricular classes.

I was surprised when I tallied up all the activities and their cost, while they are mostly are group classes, the cost does add up quickly.  The grand total for two kids comes out to be $1830 a month.

Detail break down

Son (9 year) Daughter (5 year old)
Afterschool care $420/month Afterschool care $420/month
Transportation to afterschool $120/month Transportation to afterschool $120/month
Piano: $41/week per 30 minutes private lesson $180/month Piano:  $30/week per 55 minutes group lesson $135/month
Group sports $80/month Gymnastics (group lesson): $80/month
Swimming (semi-private):  $40/week per 30 minutes  $180/month Art (group lesson) $95/month
 Total for son:   $980/month Total for daughter: $850/month
Grand total for two kids:  $1830/month
This just goes to show kids are expensive and bayarea is an expensive area.  I know friends of ours live elsewhere in the country pay far less for their lessons.

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