Review: Trying out Curbside Service @ Target

Shop_curbsideWhen I was in Target a couple of weekends ago, I saw an Ad for Curbside service and they were offering $10 off $20 purchase for new customers.

You guys know me, something could save me time, and the initial purchase is half off, why not give it a try?

What is curbside?

Curbside is a startup that collaborates with a number of retailers and tries to make shopping easier.  Curbside is smartphone app customer can download where customers can buy and pay for items on line, then pick up at the retailer through a “drive through” like service.   I’m not affiliated with Curbside or Target, or get any money from either, I’m just checking out the services.

Using Curbside

Downloading and using Curbside app was very easy, the app has gotten a very simple, clean interface..  The app was responsive and easy to navigate around.  I was disappointed that Target didn’t offer perishable items like milk, yogurt etc. through this services, for me, that’s probably the type of items i would buy most often through this services.   As a busy working mom, I would love to be able to replenish a few missing food items and pick them up on my way back.  But I understand the challenges with dealing with perishable items, perhaps an future growth area.

The only issue I ran into was during the checkout, I entered my credit card number, and then the requisite address etc information, the app then validates my information and told me the credit card I entered was incorrect.  No problem, I’ll fix it, but once I re-entered the credit card number, the subsequent information was completely erase and I had to reenter the address, expiry date etc.  Kind of annoying, if I were in a hurry, I probably would have abandoned the attempt.

Pickup at Curbside

Once the order is placed, I got an text message about an hour later, stating my order is ready.  Great!!

In theory, because your smartphone has built GPS, Target can be alerted when you are close, and be ready for you at the curbside with your order.  The reality was a bit different, I drove up to Target, and look for the Curbside pickup sign, it was right in front of Target.  But i didn’t see anybody there ready with my order, I stopped and pulled out my app to find out what to do next.  There is a “ring attendant” button on the app in the event no one is waiting for you at the curbside.  I clicked the button, a couple of minutes later, a Target employee walked out with my order.   I suspect this true every time, it’s unlikely they will have someone standing there waiting for you.

Overall, it was an easy and pleasant experience, I will likely to use this service again in the future.

Do I need to allow location services for Curbside at all times?

That’s what the instruction said so that the retailer knows you are coming and will be ready for you by the curbside.  I don’t think it’s necessary, the “ring attendant” button is what most people will end up relying on.  No need to burn your battery on this extra service.

Coupon for Curbside

For folks who like to try out this services, you can use TBTCY which allows you to “Shop at any local store that offers Curbside pickup and save $10 off $20 purchase”.

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